Describe the "New You" January 25 2014, 0 Comments

Consider how much you have grown as a result of a challenge you have faced.

Make a list of 5 adjectives that describe you as a result of what you have gone through. example, creative, patient, compassionate, you get it!!

Then imagine how this "new you" will make a real difference in the world and help you to become a role model for others.

Just define the new habits or behaviors that have sprouted from this difficult time that will support and strengthen your character as you move forward.

Share this someone special, or just keep it yourself, but try the exercise, and if you choose leave me a comment on how the experience was for you. Hugs from the heart Shivanter

Tips for supporting a cancer free life January 24 2014, 0 Comments

My top 38 Ways To prevent or reverse ANY and ALL acidic cancerous conditions

1) Exercise, stretch and sweat for 1 hour every day. Sweating is the key to healthfyl exercising. When you sweat you are removing dietary and metabolic acids from the tissues that causes a cancerous condition. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/p-551-younga-yoga-volumes-1-and-2.aspx

2) Watch your acidic weight with an alkaline lifestyle and diet as outlined in our new book The pH Miracle Revised and Updated. Read the pH Miracle books: The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle for Diabetes and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-25-books-dvds-audios.aspx

3) Don't smoke cigarettes, cigars or chew tobacco. It is laced with sugar and other chemicals that are cancerous causing!

4) Eliminate all animal protein, dairy, sweet fruit, processed sugar and all acidic grains, especially rice.

5) Eat foods that are high in fiber. Fiber will absorb dietary and metabolic acids.

6) Drink 5 to 6 liters of alkaline green water with a pH of at least 9.5 and an ORP or electrical potential of -150 mV. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-27-alkaline-water-and-ionizers.aspx

7) Drink chlorophyll rich green drinks every day. You can add the green pH Miracle powder or liquid chlorophyll to your alkaline electron rich water. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-8-health-supplements.aspx

8) Drink 3 to 4 ounces or 100 ml of cold-pressed poly-unsaturated oil daily like avocado oil, olive oil, hemp oil and flax oil.



9) Ingest 10 to 12 grams of sea salt every day. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-5-food.aspx

10) Take antioxidant nutritional supplements every day, including Glutathione, N-acetyl-cystein, R-dehyro-lipoic, CO-Q-10, magnesium and Zinc. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-8-health-supplements.aspx

11) Take the four alkaline salts of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium carbonate and bicarbonate called pHour salts whenever you urine and/or saliva pH is below 7.2. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/p-221-phour-salts-tm-454-grams.aspx

12) Get 30 minutes of sunshine and take 50,000 IU's of Vitamin D every day.

http://www.phmiracleliving.com/p-404-ph-d3.aspx http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-23-Fitness.aspx

13) Cleanse the bowels daily with magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, fiber and colonics. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/p-356-young-phorever-phlush-tm-powder-200-grams.aspx


14) Take 1 scoop twice a day of L-arginine Plus to improve circulation and heart strength.



15) Take 4 capsules of Lung Support 3 to 4 times a day.


16) Take 1 capsule 3 times a day of Vitamin K.


17) Eat 1 to 2 avocados daily, hemp protien and organic sprouted soy for increased healthy oils and pHytonutrients to buffer the acids that cause cancer. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-5-food.aspx

18) Eat fresh sprouts every day including brocolli sprouts, soy sprouts, mung bean sprouts, etc.

19) Eliminate ALL forms of sugar out of the diet, including honey, maple syrup and stevia.

20) Eliminate ALL soda, coffee, tea (including green tea), sport drinks, exotic fruit drinks, and energy drinks.

21) Eliminate All alcohol.

22) Eliminate ALL corn products out of the diet.


23) Eliminate ALL peanut oil or peanuts from the diet.


24) Eliminate ALL fermented foods including soy sauce and Braggs Amino Acids.


25) Eliminate ALL mushrooms or yeast from the diet, even so-called nutritional yeast.


26) Eliminate ALL foods that contain vinegar.


27) Eliminate ALL forms of chocolate.except raw cacoa


28) Eliminate ALL mercury fillings.


29) Do daily stretching, breathing and isotonic exercising with Kundalini Yoga.



30) Daily deep breathing exercise, such as the "Breath of Fire" is very good for circulation.


31) Make love, smile and give lots of hugs. Remember, if you don't use it you lose it. :))


32) Have a lymphatic drainage massage every day . http://www.phmiracleliving.com/p-321-dvd-hot-rocks-lymphatic-massage-with-shelley-includes-2oz-massage-oil.aspx


33) Do Whole body vibrational exercising every day for 10 minutes twice a day or jump on a mini trampoline for 15 minutes twice a day. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-23-Fitness.aspx


34) Live in the present and eliminate all emotional stress in your life. Read Dr. Young's article on Young Living and Young Love: http://articlesofhealth.blogspot.com/2009/04/young-love-phorever.html

35) Read good alkalizing books, watch alkalizing videos and listen to alkalizing CD's. http://www.phmiracleliving.com/c-25-books-dvds-audios.aspx

36) Listen to alkalizing melodic music daily.

37) Laugh every day for no reason.

38) Pray and meditate daily.


Inhalation-inspiration, exhalation-exileration January 18 2014, 0 Comments



…being in the creative flow, the pranic energy, opening oneself up to what the universe has to provide, letting go of all that no longer serves us. These are some of the thoughts that are flowing through my brain, swirling twirling, filling every crevice, bringing new awareness’s and understandings to some very old patterns and thoughts. I am reflection on the 10 day cleanse that we finished last week at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, what a place, what an experience, We spent 10 days with the most amazing group of warriors, people willing and open to shifting their life consciousness, taking the time out of their day to day schedules and commit to going deeply into the work of self-love, to find the inner voice that supports us all if we give ourselves the opportunity to listen, and be heard. I love the work that I have been blessed to do, to be the guide for transformation, to be the witness of change, to feel the openness as people are cracked open and willing to become the vessel for light and love. What a powerful time we live in, the energy fields around us are like amazing oceans of awareness and consciousness, we just need to dive in, to take to the bogie board and flow with the waves of self-healing, self awareness, self respect. Self respect, interesting term that I have not thought about for a very long time, its something I use to hear as a kid growing up on the south side of Chicago, which was a very blue collar industrial area, self respect was something that was important, when a lot of the world was telling you that you where not worthy, that you came from the wrong side of the tracks, you had to develop the resilience to find that inner self respect, its an interesting term to re look at, 50 years later. What does self-respect mean for me now? How have I come to embrace self-respect, do I give myself enough self-respect? Questions that I ask myself over and over again, but with different language, my usage now always has a bit of a new age spin on it, but as I delve into the notion of self respect, its pretty straight forward, respecting my self, as I respect others, respect teachings, respect decisions I make, and how does my self respect, reflect onto others. I embrace the inquiry, I relish the time to feel all that I feel when I go into these explorations, this is what cleansing is all about, cracking open the crust, getting to the core, find the juice. I find it is so important to process the times I facilitate a cleanse, exploring what has come up for me in the inquiry, inevitably there is my shit staring me right in the face, I love it, I hate it, I want to run from it, but I have learned to sit tight even when I truly don’t want to and deal with it. Now the question becomes big, so what am I going to do about it now that I have been shown my “shit”……for those who really get into this work, my suggestion is to look at the work of Byron Katie, interestingly enough her work is titles “the work.” I am so grateful for my time with the cleanse participants at Sivananda, look forward to going back in March for another 10 day program, in the mean time I will be facilitating the ongoing cleanse program down here in Costa Rica at Blue Spirit Retreat Center as part of the Omega Institutes winter programing, happy trails, till next time, Shivanter

Saturday morning NYC October 12 2013, 0 Comments

Time for awareness to be rising along with my mind and my body, yeah another day of awesomeness is here.  I love my life, the opportunities for change are always there. always giving me the chance to go a little deeper and become a little richer. I woke up today with some strange thoughts about finances, this is a big one for me, the fear of never having enough, getting jammed up by all the crazy thoughts that can come into my head, next thing I know my nervous system is all over the place, I am now in panic mode, this is insane. I know over and over again that everything is going to be just fine, as it always is, but the old cellular information can rear its ugly head.  The good news is that I have been through this before, and I know what to do...sit connect with my breath, close my eyes and begin to focus on my third eye, that is usually all it takes to begin the process of deconstructing the old program...the breath is such a powerful tool, with me always, there to guide my life, to take away all that no longer serves me, to reconnect me to my soul. Kundalini yoga has taught me this, it gave me an awareness of breath, of higher consciousness. Today has brought another opportunity of practice, of shifting out of the old into the new, breath!!!!

I also believe in what we put into our bodies makes a huge difference on how we see and feel things, to nourish ourselves, making that commitment to self, awesome, here is a juice suggestion for the day, lets build the immune system so we can be strong and steady.

3 oranges

2 grapefruits

1/2 lemon

2 sprigs of rosemary

peel fruits, Juice on!!!

super immune builder, supports anti-inflammation, helps with weight loss.



Juice....Juice and more juice October 10 2013, 1 Comment

Lets start the day with a juice of the day......something green and something easy, 2 carrots, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 bunch of parsley and 2 green apples, wash everything and juice on!!!!

ok, now we are ready to take on the day, feeling the vibrancy of all those nutrients flowing through our cells, oh yeah!!! There is nothing that is going to come our way today that is going to shake this incredible feeling of nourishment and vibrancy, except maybe a second green juice later in the day :)

Living vibrantly, living in fullness of our highest self, my teacher Yogi Bhajan use to say it was our birthright to get high, we can choose to use drugs, alcohol and other mind altering substances or we can get high on our breath, our prana, I would like to add something to that, the foods that we ingest also can bring us that altered state, the energetic surge we feel when we drink and organic green juice, feeling all the sun's energy flowing through our body, taking in all the natural resources that the planet has to offer us, from this experience we then begin to find our connectedness to the planet through the food, taking a step further we then find the connection to each other, the human dynamics. Food is the greatest conduit to each other, finding its way into all of our lives, we must make sure we all have access to good healthy foods, no human being on the planet should be deprived good food........our health care system would be in a much better place, if we made healthy food a priority, keeping all healthy, happy and holy.

Today is the best day ever...... October 09 2013, 2 Comments

As I sit early morning in my kitchen beginning the day, I sit with such warmth and fullness acknowledging all the blessings that I have. I sit doing FB postings about all the teaching opportunities that are coming forth, understanding that this is truly the work of the divine, being in the place of serving others and teaching from the heart are all that I need today. I have been so blessed to be able to be here during these amazing times of global and personal transformation, understanding what it means to be in the present, to be open to the present, not shut down because my addictions are running my life. I sit in wonderment sometime as to how am I still here, what is the purpose of this life, when so many before me have left this earth plane, through addiction and disease. There truly is a larger purpose, I need to remember that I am not running the show, that I must remain teachable and open to the real information, the authentic voice, god speaking to me, not at me. On my birthday I reflected on how my beloved Glenn Densberger 30 years ago had left this plane, the funeral was held on my birthday, wanting to make sure I always remembered him, I do, I miss him, I miss the laughing, I miss the connectedness of the heart, the insanity of our lives as we plowed through the crazy times of being gay and coming out in the 70's,  I wish he was here with me to remember the stories, the 10 years that we shared taking on everyday as if it where the first, to explore each other and the world with the excitement and openness of young children, playing freely and without caution, eyes wide open, fearlessly taking on every moment, experiencing nothing but love, I miss you my dear one, there will never be another, I have tried over and over again and no one can ever replace you in my heart, as I know you watch over me, because if you weren't watching over me, I am not quite sure where I would be today, I acknowledge my love for you, for ever and ever.........

The time is now.... October 08 2013, 0 Comments

the time is now to let go, to trust and to move forward solidly and steadily, the time is now for us to go into our practice, whatever that may look like, and find our truth. Having a practice can mean many things to many people, for me the only thing that matters is that we whatever that practice is, we commit to it and do it constantly......it may be a daily walk, a yoga practice, sitting meditation, breathing exercises, reading a spiritual book. The point is do something that is going to support your elevation so then you can elevate others.....service, understand the benefits of getting out of our own way through serving others, and at the same time understanding self love. This is the tricky part, how do we serve others and at the same time serve ourselves, nurture what we need, understand what we need at the same time being there for others. The push, the pull, the twists and the turns, the uncomfortableness of being in our own skin, feeling every cell in our body as it lets go and at the same time regenerates, exploring the experiment, being the test, living the truth......more to be uncovered

Young.Old. they are just words, George Burns May 03 2013, 0 Comments


Young. Old. Just words, George Burns.

Love this, aging and what it means has been on my mind a lot lately, almost to the point of obsessing, but not quite. I love my life, I cherish every day, I am so blessed to have the people I have in my life and the excitement I experience every morning when I wake up and realize the opportunities the day presents. Yet at times I find it really challenging to wrap my head around the amount of time that I have been on this planet, I am in wonder how I am still here, certainly left to my own resources I should have been long gone. The divine obviously has had a different plan, for this I am truly blessed. I am so excited to be taking on new challenges and to be creating on a daily basis and new way of being, and new consciousness, conscious-strategies, I love how that idea is integrating in everything that I do, understanding what I want to surround myself with, and why? the great unknowns seem to be unraveling before me on a daily basis, the perceptions keep shifting, my mind/consciousness keeps shifting, some of it's scary, some of it is comfortable, I am loving the ride, I am loving the openness that is happening as I move through time and space, I love that Young and Old are just words, and have nothing to do with how I live my life, they are just words, I was referred to yesterday as a god father, at first I was taken back a little and then I let the words settle in, I liked it, I felt that it does identify my role, my place right here, right now, it filled my heart with pure love, so as I move through the day, I hope that everyone has an amazing day, maybe a question to think about is "who in your life still needs to be forgiven" it might just be yourself, In Love, Shivanter

The Dance April 21 2013, 1 Comment

The dance, my heart filled with joy and passion as I moved through the room, every cell in my body was being awakened; I felt the fluidness of my soul rush with pure bliss.  I have fallen in love with 5 rhythms dance, it has brought such renewed passion and ecstasy to me, it fills me and also gives me the foundation to be available for all the other practices I have in my life, my body loves to dance. Last night I deeply felt the tribe, I felt the connections of souls and feet, I felt the power of being not alone, but with many other dancing beings, I felt explosive, I felt expansive, I felt pure, I want this feeling in me all the time, the dance is making me a better teacher, a more liberated soul, able to be in the moment so very deeply without distraction, I bow to the teachers of this lineage, I bow to Gabrielle the divine creator of this system of freedom and mediation. To move with intention, to move with chaos, to find the stillness, I am a kundalini teacher and to understand the energy of the body is what the practice is about, the dance brings me closer to understanding the flow, the power of the breath, the divine connectedness of it all, once again going into seeing god in all, to recognize the other person is you, to flow from a place of compassion and kindness, this next couple of weeks I will be subbing a few classes at Golden Bridge NYC, I look forward to the opportunity to connect with the community there, old friends, new friends, to share the teachings, to hear each others stories, to explore the limitless possibilities of higher elevation and soul consciousness, blessings to all, hugs to all, light to all. Thank you Lucia Horan for holding such a magnificent space last night at another of my homes Jivamukti Yoga, Sat Nam Shivanter


8 Centers of God . . . March 23 2013, 0 Comments

 We have eight centers of God consciousness in the body. The lowest is located at the rectum. Second is the sex organ. Third is where these two centers meet when they are pulled together. Then comes the heart center where we can come out of the lower triangle, or our animal nature. That is where love, equality, and service begin. At the next center (fifth chakra, Throat Center), if the consciousness can be pulled to dwell there, man knows the truth. Then above the two eyes is a triangle known as the “third eye,” or ajana, where all the knowledge of the past, present, and future is known. Real humility, flow of love, and kindness come through here. And lastly, we have the seventh center at the crown of the head, the highest of all, a lotus petal with a thousand petals in it where you only want to know God, and everything is nothing but God. Your personality and ego are merged into that great Universal personality and Universal ego. While we live as human beings, we can bring together our physical, mental, and spiritual beings, and be God-beings. The circumvent force, the entire force which is the aura around us, the God-light which protects us, is the eighth living center.
We are incredible beings, we have the potential to move beyond all obstacles if we choose, we can become our higher consciousness, in reaching for the state of pure bliss we must do the work, we must show up on a daily basis, plowing through as the great warrior to be present and move through. When I show up with the consciousness to bring together mind, body and spirit, to co-create with the universe, to make myself available to all those who are still suffering, to sit in my auric field feeling the protection and grace of my own projections, to all myself to be rooted in truth and not driven by my second chakra desires, and to direct my energy into health and holy behaviors, to know that the heart is my truth, this is where my love comes from, not shooting through my genitals, aligning all of my desires in the greater consciousness, so that I can know truth, love and pureness of heart. Allow me today not to act out against my higher self, but to be my higher self, to consciously be with every word and action that I produce today, honoring myself as this gift to the planet from God, behaving in a way that aligns be with how I want to be seen, not again speaking ill of myself, but being in love with me, who is truly truth, love and bliss.