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…being in the creative flow, the pranic energy, opening oneself up to what the universe has to provide, letting go of all that no longer serves us. These are some of the thoughts that are flowing through my brain, swirling twirling, filling every crevice, bringing new awareness’s and understandings to some very old patterns and thoughts. I am reflection on the 10 day cleanse that we finished last week at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, what a place, what an experience, We spent 10 days with the most amazing group of warriors, people willing and open to shifting their life consciousness, taking the time out of their day to day schedules and commit to going deeply into the work of self-love, to find the inner voice that supports us all if we give ourselves the opportunity to listen, and be heard. I love the work that I have been blessed to do, to be the guide for transformation, to be the witness of change, to feel the openness as people are cracked open and willing to become the vessel for light and love. What a powerful time we live in, the energy fields around us are like amazing oceans of awareness and consciousness, we just need to dive in, to take to the bogie board and flow with the waves of self-healing, self awareness, self respect. Self respect, interesting term that I have not thought about for a very long time, its something I use to hear as a kid growing up on the south side of Chicago, which was a very blue collar industrial area, self respect was something that was important, when a lot of the world was telling you that you where not worthy, that you came from the wrong side of the tracks, you had to develop the resilience to find that inner self respect, its an interesting term to re look at, 50 years later. What does self-respect mean for me now? How have I come to embrace self-respect, do I give myself enough self-respect? Questions that I ask myself over and over again, but with different language, my usage now always has a bit of a new age spin on it, but as I delve into the notion of self respect, its pretty straight forward, respecting my self, as I respect others, respect teachings, respect decisions I make, and how does my self respect, reflect onto others. I embrace the inquiry, I relish the time to feel all that I feel when I go into these explorations, this is what cleansing is all about, cracking open the crust, getting to the core, find the juice. I find it is so important to process the times I facilitate a cleanse, exploring what has come up for me in the inquiry, inevitably there is my shit staring me right in the face, I love it, I hate it, I want to run from it, but I have learned to sit tight even when I truly don’t want to and deal with it. Now the question becomes big, so what am I going to do about it now that I have been shown my “shit”……for those who really get into this work, my suggestion is to look at the work of Byron Katie, interestingly enough her work is titles “the work.” I am so grateful for my time with the cleanse participants at Sivananda, look forward to going back in March for another 10 day program, in the mean time I will be facilitating the ongoing cleanse program down here in Costa Rica at Blue Spirit Retreat Center as part of the Omega Institutes winter programing, happy trails, till next time, Shivanter