8 Centers of God . . . March 23 2013, 0 Comments

 We have eight centers of God consciousness in the body. The lowest is located at the rectum. Second is the sex organ. Third is where these two centers meet when they are pulled together. Then comes the heart center where we can come out of the lower triangle, or our animal nature. That is where love, equality, and service begin. At the next center (fifth chakra, Throat Center), if the consciousness can be pulled to dwell there, man knows the truth. Then above the two eyes is a triangle known as the “third eye,” or ajana, where all the knowledge of the past, present, and future is known. Real humility, flow of love, and kindness come through here. And lastly, we have the seventh center at the crown of the head, the highest of all, a lotus petal with a thousand petals in it where you only want to know God, and everything is nothing but God. Your personality and ego are merged into that great Universal personality and Universal ego. While we live as human beings, we can bring together our physical, mental, and spiritual beings, and be God-beings. The circumvent force, the entire force which is the aura around us, the God-light which protects us, is the eighth living center.
We are incredible beings, we have the potential to move beyond all obstacles if we choose, we can become our higher consciousness, in reaching for the state of pure bliss we must do the work, we must show up on a daily basis, plowing through as the great warrior to be present and move through. When I show up with the consciousness to bring together mind, body and spirit, to co-create with the universe, to make myself available to all those who are still suffering, to sit in my auric field feeling the protection and grace of my own projections, to all myself to be rooted in truth and not driven by my second chakra desires, and to direct my energy into health and holy behaviors, to know that the heart is my truth, this is where my love comes from, not shooting through my genitals, aligning all of my desires in the greater consciousness, so that I can know truth, love and pureness of heart. Allow me today not to act out against my higher self, but to be my higher self, to consciously be with every word and action that I produce today, honoring myself as this gift to the planet from God, behaving in a way that aligns be with how I want to be seen, not again speaking ill of myself, but being in love with me, who is truly truth, love and bliss.