The time is now.... October 08 2013, 0 Comments

the time is now to let go, to trust and to move forward solidly and steadily, the time is now for us to go into our practice, whatever that may look like, and find our truth. Having a practice can mean many things to many people, for me the only thing that matters is that we whatever that practice is, we commit to it and do it may be a daily walk, a yoga practice, sitting meditation, breathing exercises, reading a spiritual book. The point is do something that is going to support your elevation so then you can elevate others.....service, understand the benefits of getting out of our own way through serving others, and at the same time understanding self love. This is the tricky part, how do we serve others and at the same time serve ourselves, nurture what we need, understand what we need at the same time being there for others. The push, the pull, the twists and the turns, the uncomfortableness of being in our own skin, feeling every cell in our body as it lets go and at the same time regenerates, exploring the experiment, being the test, living the truth......more to be uncovered