The Dance April 21 2013, 1 Comment

The dance, my heart filled with joy and passion as I moved through the room, every cell in my body was being awakened; I felt the fluidness of my soul rush with pure bliss.  I have fallen in love with 5 rhythms dance, it has brought such renewed passion and ecstasy to me, it fills me and also gives me the foundation to be available for all the other practices I have in my life, my body loves to dance. Last night I deeply felt the tribe, I felt the connections of souls and feet, I felt the power of being not alone, but with many other dancing beings, I felt explosive, I felt expansive, I felt pure, I want this feeling in me all the time, the dance is making me a better teacher, a more liberated soul, able to be in the moment so very deeply without distraction, I bow to the teachers of this lineage, I bow to Gabrielle the divine creator of this system of freedom and mediation. To move with intention, to move with chaos, to find the stillness, I am a kundalini teacher and to understand the energy of the body is what the practice is about, the dance brings me closer to understanding the flow, the power of the breath, the divine connectedness of it all, once again going into seeing god in all, to recognize the other person is you, to flow from a place of compassion and kindness, this next couple of weeks I will be subbing a few classes at Golden Bridge NYC, I look forward to the opportunity to connect with the community there, old friends, new friends, to share the teachings, to hear each others stories, to explore the limitless possibilities of higher elevation and soul consciousness, blessings to all, hugs to all, light to all. Thank you Lucia Horan for holding such a magnificent space last night at another of my homes Jivamukti Yoga, Sat Nam Shivanter