Young.Old. they are just words, George Burns May 03 2013, 0 Comments


Young. Old. Just words, George Burns.

Love this, aging and what it means has been on my mind a lot lately, almost to the point of obsessing, but not quite. I love my life, I cherish every day, I am so blessed to have the people I have in my life and the excitement I experience every morning when I wake up and realize the opportunities the day presents. Yet at times I find it really challenging to wrap my head around the amount of time that I have been on this planet, I am in wonder how I am still here, certainly left to my own resources I should have been long gone. The divine obviously has had a different plan, for this I am truly blessed. I am so excited to be taking on new challenges and to be creating on a daily basis and new way of being, and new consciousness, conscious-strategies, I love how that idea is integrating in everything that I do, understanding what I want to surround myself with, and why? the great unknowns seem to be unraveling before me on a daily basis, the perceptions keep shifting, my mind/consciousness keeps shifting, some of it's scary, some of it is comfortable, I am loving the ride, I am loving the openness that is happening as I move through time and space, I love that Young and Old are just words, and have nothing to do with how I live my life, they are just words, I was referred to yesterday as a god father, at first I was taken back a little and then I let the words settle in, I liked it, I felt that it does identify my role, my place right here, right now, it filled my heart with pure love, so as I move through the day, I hope that everyone has an amazing day, maybe a question to think about is "who in your life still needs to be forgiven" it might just be yourself, In Love, Shivanter