' The Power of Manifestation ' March 13 2013

  The power of manifestation and how we integrate that into our lives, thought for the day. I often sit and think about all the things that I should have and don’t, and then I often think about all that I have and wonder how did I get all this? It’s a constant inquiry, with then another layer, what do I really need? I often have held myself as this person who when I put my mind to something, will get it, even if it kills me. I also can be that guy who wants it all NOW, when I am seeking for what I think I need, I also get pretty shitty when I don’t get it, especially if I have justified the fact that I need it and I want it. I can really mess up my day when I start getting into the role of director, I want to set the stage, I want to hire all the players, and I want everyone to act just the way I want them to. I always struggle with control, I hate feeling like I am out of control, I want to believe that I have some power over people, places and things and I just don’t, I become full of fear when I don’t think I have control, it scares the hell out of me, because if I am not sitting in fear, then I have to sit in faith, faith that everything is perfect just the way it is, and that no matter what this divine power will guide me and take care of me, sometimes I just don’t want to believe that, well that is the case until I sit, close my eyes, find my breath, and focus at my third eye, allowing the truth to flow through me in every breath, I love what my breath does for me, it keeps me alive, it gives me clarity and it helps to regenerate and rejuvenate every cell in my body, this morning my pray is of gratitude for the breath, always there to support and guide me, if I choose to use it, love to all, light to all, breath to all.