It's your birthright to be happy ! March 20 2013

   You have the birthright to be happy. You are not happy because you are competing and comparative with something over which you have no control. You have no control over Infinity. And if you have no control over Infinity, don't try to control it. Flow with it, you can reach anywhere. Fight with it, you'll be unhappy. Happiness is your birthright. It cannot be taken away from you. I struggle so very often with what it is that I need to be happy, do I need a new boyfriend, do I need to live in a different place, do I need different work, its always the same questions over and over again when I sit in the place of dis-comfort, I want all of the external things to make it all better. Its all about my thinking, its got nothing to do with any of the stuff that I think is going to make a difference, its my heart, its my soul connection, it’s the compassion that I bring to all that I do. If I can sit in the place of gratitude I am usually off to a good start for the day, it I wake up full of fear and doubt and do nothing to shift that, I am off to the races and I am certainly not going to win. Self doubt-Self loathing are two of my greatest companions, they have traveled with me for a very long time, probably long before this soul landed in this physical body, they are companions that do not have my best interest in there intentions with me, they want to sabotage all that I work towards, they wait for me in the shadow always ready to rear there ugly heads, but I am learning the tools to keep them at bay, today as I do my meditation, as I sit in sadhana, remembering all those who have come before me, treading lightly on the planet and praying for the compassion and understanding to be graceful and gentle with myself and others, reaching out to help someone less fortunate, remembering that it is my birthright to be happy, its imperative to live my life happy, joyous and free, so then I can sit in gods grace, listening to the internal voice of guidance and truth.