The time is now . . . March 20 2013

   The time is now for some real letting go, as the universe provides more and more, I understand less and less, finding the necessity to understand something much less needed. It is all about trust, faith and allowing the internal to guide and the external to be still, to open my heart and my mind to the endless possibilities, and to know that the divine is orchestrating it all perfectly. What I am witnessing is the constant shifts, the constant new awakenings in each and every day, what was applicable yesterday more than likely is not applicable today, and know that is ok, keeping in the positive flow of moving forward, dynamics are only energy it comes and goes, and in that flow the real beauty of it all comes through, understanding there really is no beginning, there is no end, there just is. As I receive new information I come to understand that is all it is, is information, what I choose to do with that information is what is important, how do I take it in, how do I let it go? I sit in stillness, letting all that surrounds me, surround me, trying not to interfere, just sit. Breath of life, breath of god, the frequency of the universe surrounds me, the sound current of my mantra fills my soul, nature is speaking to me, the real communicator, the holder of the real truths, mother nature I ask that you guide me today, as I move through this day with all the grace and elegance that you the divine teacher does every moment of everyday, embrace me, carry me into infinity, cradle me in your arms, allow me to connect my heart beat with your heart beat, love to all, light to all.