A Day to a New Beginning,

Conscious-Strategies Cleanse Program.


Sample Day

  • Wake up before the sun; experience the Ambrosial Hours, flowing on the frequencies of the planet, honoring the divine through our relationship with others and us.  God And Me Are One.
  • Using natural bristle dry brush, begin you day with a dry brush bath before oiling your body with almond oil and then experiencing a cold shower.
  • Immediately after your shower, brush your teeth, use a tongue scrapper and remove all the substance from your tongue, make sure to get as far back as possible.
  • Now begin brushing your teeth, its is suggested to use a combination of sea salt and alum to brush the monkey glands all the way in the back of your throat, you will gag when you do this, but its really goo to get all the mucous out.  Then continue to brush your teeth.
  • Now make a nice warm cup of water and lemon, sit and begin to get centered, lemon water is one of the best alkalizing beverages you can drink, drink room temperature lemon water throughout the day.  It’s really good, and works well on healing your system.
  • Before beginning to take the herbs, please read the herb manual, read each description of the herbs so that you have a complete understanding of the herbs.  Any question please contact Shivanter at
  • Follow the herbal dosages exactly.
  • Set up and alter with the herbs in place, creating a sacred space for the sacred work you are about to begin.
  • Offer a morning prayer.
  • Chant.
  • Breath/yoga
  • Have an acid/alkaline-balanced breakfast and get on with having the most glorious day ever.


Pricing for Cleanses:

“The Basics” 5 day program, includes . . . 

  • herbs
  • manual
  • daily check-in’s
  • one on one health history
  • and 7 days post cleanse support via email, phone or Skype
  • 10% discount on 3 or 6-month health coaching experience 

 TOTAL = $225.00


“The Primal” 5 day program includes . . . 

  • “The Basics” along with 5days/4juices per day (New York Area and Costa Rica)

 TOTAL = $400.00


“The Elevation” 5 day Program includes . . . 

  • “The Basics”
  • “The Primal”
  • and 2 meals per day of vegetarian/vegan organic foods

TOTAL = $600.00


" Custom designed cleanse programs are available for individuals and also groups. Gather a group of your friends or co-workers and have a cleanse experience in your own home or office. Please contact us for more information on specific programs to support your healthy lifestyle . . . "