Mission :

By going within, we can really offer our fullest selves to the world.  Conscious Strategies is a multi-tool approach to living your fullest potential.  We encourage mindful practices through movement, eating, contemplation, self reflection and self-inquiry.  We use a variety of methods and approaches to encourage a conscious attitude toward life. We offer personal and group programs for cleansing, dietary enhancement and yogic movement.  Retreats and one on one counseling are our specialty. 

Goals :

To flourish as individuals and as a community.  We aim to inspire everyone to live an abundant, thriving joyful existence and to enjoy the journey along the way.  We look forward to offering and encouraging communities to cleanse and move together in order to facilitate growth and the advancement for human potential.





Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa:  

Founder - Golden Bridge Yoga Los Angeles, New York

(see her talking about the cleanse at:  http://vimeo.com/16061143)

"This cleanse provides grace, dignity, meditation...  this makes it the most elegant cleanse that I've ever participated in and that I've ever seen...  It's so delicious, so cleansing, it takes you to alkaline... it's so easy and you're so guided... I think we've finally got that added element of prayer, of grace, everything that Kundalini Yoga takes you to, it's so beautiful... People were just blown away by it and I don't know anyone who couldn't benefit, be inspired, and love this cleanse, really."


Stephan Recjtscjaffen, MD

Director - Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Co-Founder - Omega Institute

“Shivanter Singh offers an exceptional Cleanse program which I highly recommend. I’ve used it myself and suggest it to our clients at Blue Spirit who have found it helpful and have greatly appreciated working with him.”